Social Activities
Our objective is to make Smash Sporting Club the first choice for you and your family to spend your precious moments! Therefore, the club is giving more and more focus to social activities that fulfill your requirements and satisfy your needs. In that context, many new social services and activities were introduced recently.
Services & Activities

Art for Kids

The aim is to bring out children’s talents and develop their hobbies. Accordingly, the kids’ club holds arts and crafts classes, music classes, arts classes, movie screenings, etc.

Teens Activities
We encourage teens to take advantage of their leisure time at Smash Sporting Club, so that they can have fun while parents enjoy some peace of mind. We encourage all teens to follow Smash Sporting Club’s Facebook page and Instagram page so as to be aware of our activities and not to miss out on the fun!

Join our conferences introduced by distinguished figures (doctors, celebrities, writers, professors) and get to know all the state of the art developments in fields important to you.

In addition to all the social activities taking place within Smash Sporting Club’s facility, we also plan and organize national and international trips for you and your family.

Bazaars, Fairs & Exhibitions
Enjoy the variety of high quality products and merchandize exhibited at our planned Bazaars, fairs and exhibitions.
Have a high quality product to sell? Join our network of exhibitors and have your product displayed to an average number of 16000 people.

Pro Shop
Get what you need at the pro shop! Our Pro shop displays a wide range of gifts, sports merchandise and racket maintenance services!


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