Sports Schools
Dreaming to be a champion? Join our professional sports schools and have your dream come true! Sports schools are accessible for both members and non-members of the club. Schools include Tennis and Swimming.
Tennis School
At Smash Sporting Club, Tennis is the flagship sport activity in the club. This is reflected in:

  • Number of tennis facilities
  • Number of players
  • Level of coaching
  • Coaches certification by ITF
  • Internationally updated written training curriculum
  • Continuous actions always taken to enhance the service level through using international speakers & consultants

All of the above makes the tennis service at the club an unparalleled activity with very high and up to date level of training programs.

Thanks to all of the above, today, Smash Sporting Club's outstanding reputation has extended beyond Egypt to the whole region as well. The club became by far the leader in Egypt when it comes to hosting major tennis events and tournaments. Thus, an average of 6 international tournaments are hosted annually in the club such as the African Junior Cup, the Arab Cup, the North Africa Circuit, the Davis Cup, and the Fed Cup & Futures as well as the All African Games.

Tennis Programs & Activities:

At the tennis school, we make sure we have different programs that cater to the different needs of our players. Certain programs perfectly serve the purpose of developing a champion where others are developed for players who have other priorities in life. Our standard programs are basically classified into:

  • Individual Training.
  • Group Training.
  • Court rental as well is an option for you to enjoy playing for fun!

Tennis Services Enhancement & Improvement Programs:

In order to always maintain our unparalleled service level in the Tennis area, our business development is keeping an eye on both coaches and players in order to make sure they all are up to international standards. In that context, the following are some examples of actions taken in this regard.

  • Regular inspection and follow up by international top level consultants.

Cyril Genevois
Physical Conditioning Expert
Cyril Genevois is a high performance coach and physical conditioning expert with over 25 years of experience in the tennis coaching and sports sciences fields with a PHD in the latest. Cyril Genevois has been presenting at various national and international conferences.
Fabrice Sbarro
High Performance Coach 
Fabrice Sbarro is a Swiss high performance coach. He is also the creator and owner of “Tennis Profile”. With 11 years of research and 500 000 points analyzed manually, Fabrice Sbarro is coaching and developing the game of the players by comparing their performance to the players on the tour.
Lionel Grossenbatcher
Integrated Fitness Programs and Specialized Tennis Fitness Programs
EX Assistant of Federer’s fitness coach.
  • Introduction of the most recent coaching methods: at our tennis school we always introduce the latest training methodologies to you! A recent example of a new training methodology is the “Play & Stay” technique. “Play and Stay” technique is a new methodology developed by the International Tennis Federation to emphasize that tennis is easy, fun & healthy. Program is applied to under 10 year old players.


Application of Fitness & Physio Support Programs:

  • Group Fitness Classes: Fitness programming, testing & planning of the GFC is supervised by Lionel Grossendbatcher the assistant of Federer’s fitness coach. In addition, and in order to maintain consistency in the service provided, all our fitness coaches have been trained by Lionel.

  • Swiss Physic Stretch Concept: Our physiotherapist and competition fitness coach have been trained and certified by Daniel Griesser who is specialized in high performance athletes (Federer, Swiss Soccer Team….etc).

High Exposure to both Coaches & Players: We guarantee a high level of exposure to our coaches and players through:

  • Involvement in tournaments in and outside Egypt.
  • Organization of camps in and outside Egypt which definitely enhances their level of performance.

Tennis Today:

⋅ Holder of major international tennis tournaments:
  • African Junior Cup
  • ITF
  • Arab Cup
  • North Africa Circuit
  • Davis Cup
  • Fed Cup & Futures
  • All African Games

⋅ 1000 Tennis players

Smash USA Athlete Students:
Sherif Abu Habaga
Southwest Baptist University
Akram ElSallaly
University of the Pacific
Mohamed Shamel
Illinois University
Omar Diab
Southwest Baptist University
Georges Wakim
University of Nebraska-Kearney
Omar El Kheshen
Southwest Baptist University
Marc Wakim
Florida Atlantic University
Menna Ahmed
Arkansas State University
Yehia El Sallaly
Saint Louis University
Abdel El Rahman Zaki
New Orleans University
Ibrahim Shams
Fairleigh Dickinson Uni..
Maha Berti
Toledo University
Youssef Sonbaty
Malone University
Bassem Beidas
Pepperdine University
Are you the next one ?
Smash is proud to have successfully built already 14 players to date to be selected by universities in USA to play for them in intercollegiate competition. These players have all received a scholarship from their universities to pay partly or fully for their studies, housing and food expenses while studying and playing tennis for their college team.

Managing the Tennis Activities at:

  • Katameya Heights.
  • Marina.
  • La Vista
  • Al Ashgar Club
  • City View Compound/Le Lido Club
  • Les Rois
  • Khamayl Club
  • AlKarma Club

Expansion plans for presence in the region:

  • Lebanon
  • UAE
  • Kuwait & other countries

For more info about our tennis school, please send us an email.