Fitness Center & Gym
Work with a personal trainer and get those results faster! Motivation, individualized programs, efficiency, improved technical skills, variation, and progress evaluation.
Our Personal Trainers will show you how to exercise safely in the gym on the cardiovascular and resistance training machines. Warm up and cool down, personalized starting program, correct breathing and keep record of your training.
Our personal trainers will introduce you to a very simple, effective routine to build efficiently. They can help push you or slow you down as necessary.
Body & Mind SPA
Wellness is a choice of life and at our Body & Mind Spa, we are committed to help you feel more balanced, rested, and energized. From the moment you step into our spa, our staff will help your mind and body unplug from the stress of life. Smash Sporting Club is taking great care in choosing products of quality while keeping treatments at affordable prices.
In our spa, you will receive relaxation massages, beauty treatments, healing treatments such as acupuncture and medical massage, as well as beauty care (manicures and pedicures, hair dresser…).
Also because we value your privacy, separate ladies and gentlemen schedules are available.
Fitness & Dance Studio
Because we are always keen to bring you the best programs in town, we have contracted Dynamic Life Academy. Through its experience and great fun attitude, Dynamic Life Academy is able to offer a wide range of classes for adults and children like gymnastics, ballet, several types of aerobics, Yoga, Kickboxing, and much more. We recommend that you always keep updated with our new programs and most of all, KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN!
Across all sports at the club, Our Physiotherapist treats your injuries through training under medical supervision. Our physiotherapist has also been trained to do assessment by the famous Swiss physiotherapist, Daniel Griesser, specialized in high performance athletes (Swiss soccer team, Federer…).This assessment helps prevent further injuries, build the body adapted to the sport you play and improve performance (Swiss test).

For more information, send us an email.